ACM’s personal injury group includes highly experienced trial attorneys who specialize in helping injured and aggrieved parties navigate the emotional, financial, medical and legal complexities that arise following accidents and other tragedies, attributable to the negligence or wrongful conduct of third-parties.  ACM’s personal injury trial attorneys specialize in all aspects of personal injury litigation and trials, including but not limited to, those concerning catastrophic injury arising from auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, premises liability, hazardous conditions, product defects, and pharmaceutical products.  In addition, ACM’s personal injury group routinely handles wrongful death, class-action and mass-tort litigation. 

Whether negotiating with defendants, insurance carriers and/or mediators to achieve informal resolutions and pay-outs, filing and litigating complicated personal injury lawsuits, or trying difficult and often lengthy personal injury trials, ACM’s personal injury trial attorneys are always zealous, yet compassionate, understanding and honest advocates for their clients and are always striving to achieve not only maximum compensation for injuries their clients have sustained, but for overall justice.  In this regard, members of ACM’s personal injury group pride themselves on demonstrating genuine concern for and understanding of the injuries and associated hardships their clients have sustained, and to working exhaustively to help such injured and aggrieved parties comprehend and evaluate the difficult procedures, processes and complexities that arise following an accident or tragic event, whether it be with respect to associated medical treatment, loss of life or the overall legal process.  

When a tragedy happens, ACM’s trial attorneys stand ready to lend a comforting hand and be a guiding force to clients as they work through medical treatment and recovery, or deal with the death of a loved one, as well as, to aggressively present and pursue legal claims through all stages of the litigation cycle, including trial, should it be necessary.  And regardless of the situation, ACM’s trial attorneys are equally adept at providing attention, support and guidance to their clients as they deal with the difficult, complicated and time-consuming challenges following injury or tragedy, as they are to handling and overseeing the complicated litigation and trials.  On both of these fronts, ACM’s trial attorneys devote the time and draw upon many years of experience to provide holistic, comprehensive, diligent and personalized legal counsel that is needed to enable their clients achieve superior results. 

All services performed by ACM’s personal injury group are performed on a contingency basis, with no fees charged unless its clients prevail.

Partner, Hamilton Arendsen, is the team leader of ACM’s personal injury group. 

You may reach Mr. Arendsen via email at or via phone at (619) 535-3910.