ACM’s intellectual property group is comprised of transactional and trial attorneys who are highly experienced in identifying, developing, securing, protecting and defending their clients’ intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, trade dress, proprietary information and technology, domain names, on-line or digital content, brands and goodwill) and associated portfolios across the United States, and in certain cases internationally.  Attorneys in ACM’s intellectual property group regularly counsel clients with respect to licensing, commercialization and monetization of such intellectual property rights and portfolios, across a broad array of industries and businesses, including medical devices, biotech, fintech, aerospace, internet and e-commerce, software and hardware, media and entertainment, and other major industries.  

On the transactional side, attorneys in ACM’s intellectual property group handle intellectual property application, registration, defense and disputes before the U.S. Copyright and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Offices, as well as, associated assignments and filings.  In addition, they routinely audit and assist in the maintenance of their clients’ intellectual property portfolios and related agreements, filings and registrations to ensure that they are kept up-to-date and are fully protected.   ACM’s intellectual property attorneys also work closely with ACM’s corporate attorneys to identify and address issues concerning intellectual property which are implicated in mergers, acquisitions, financings, joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing transactions and due diligence undertakings.

On the litigation side, attorneys in ACM’s intellectual property group routinely prosecute and defend copyright, trademark, domain name and proprietary information and technology infringement matters, as well as, other disputes concerning the ownership, use and licensing of intellectual property.  Additionally, they frequently handle matters involving alleged unauthorized use of exploitation of trade secrets on behalf of employers, employees and other stakeholders.         

Whether simply handling a trademark application or litigating a high-stakes infringement lawsuit, ACM’s intellectual property attorneys provide personalized, practical, value-added, comprehensive, diligent and cost-effective legal counsel to help clients protect, maintain and realize monetary benefit from their intellectual property rights and portfolios.

Katherine L. McDaniel, is ACM’s intellectual property team leader on the transactional side.

You may reach Ms. McDaniel via email at or via phone at (310) 299-8624.

Partner, Christian S. Molnar, is ACM’s intellectual property team leader on the litigation side.

You may reach Mr. Molnar via email at or via phone at (310) 299-8631.