Christian S. Molnar


Christian S. Molnar is a partner in Arendsen Cane Molnar LLP (“ACM”) and leads the firm’s business, real estate and entertainment litigation groups as well as manages the Beverly Hills office of ACM.

Prior to joining ACM as a partner, Mr. Molnar was the managing partner of the Christian S. Molnar Law Corporation (“CSMLC”) having started his own practice in 2006.

Mr. Molnar has over 20 years experience as a litigator in business, real estate and entertainment matters. In addition, Mr. Molnar has significant experience litigating securities/investor fraud, hospitality, employment, construction, business and personal torts, including, breaches of fiduciary duties, fraud, unfair business practices, defamation, intentional and negligent interference with contractual relations and prospective economic advantage, conversion, surety, HOA/CC&R, trust and probate as well as appellate and writ matters.

As part of ACM’s business litigation practice, Mr. Molnar routinely handles both inter-company and intra-company disputes including, disputes between investors, shareholders, directors and offices of corporations, disputes between investors, members and managers of limited liability companies and partners in partnerships. These matters typically involve both contractual based disputes as well as business torts such as breaches of fiduciary duties.

Mr. Molnar also has in-depth experience in provisional remedies, such as, obtaining and enforcing prejudgment writs of attachment, receiverships and injunctions as well as judgment collection procedures. During the course of his career, Mr. Molnar has obtained collectively multi-millions in prejudgment writs of attachment on behalf of his clients and in virtually all of those matters successfully ended litigation in his clients’ favor after the issuance of those writs of attachment very early on in the litigation process.

Mr. Molnar has successfully represented numerous creditors and judgment creditors in the United States Bankruptcy Courts and in adversary proceedings objecting to the discharge of debts owed to Mr. Molnar’s creditor clients. Recently, Mr. Molnar and his team successfully litigated and settled a employment class action matter in Los Angeles.

Mr. Molnar as lead trial attorney has successfully litigated and arbitrated dozens of matters resulting in judgments and arbitration awards in his clients’ favor. Mr. Molnar and his litigation teams have obtained multiple seven figure judgments for his clients and he has been extended an invitation to the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Group. Equally comfortable on either the plaintiff or defendant’s side of the aisle, Mr. Molnar has defensed tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his clients who have been sued. While relishing the litigation battlefield, Mr. Molnar also successfully settled well over a hundred matters for collectively tens of millions of dollars.

Mr. Molnar and the litigation groups that he heads at ACM are currently, or have recently, litigated and/or arbitrated cases in state court throughout California as well as federal cases in the Northern, Central and Southern Districts of California as well as in the Second District (New York), the Third District (New Jersey), and the Eleventh District (Florida) of the United States District Courts. Currently, Mr. Molnar and his team at ACM are litigating over 40 active matters in State and Federal Court as well as arbitrating disputes in California and Florida.

Mr. Molnar is admitted to practice law in all of the courts of the State of California and the Federal Courts located in the Northern, Central and Southern Districts of California and is currently or has recently been admitted pro hac vice into Federal Courts located in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Before starting CSMLC, Mr. Molnar practiced in the real estate departments of several “AV” rated firms, including Sherwood and Hardgrove; Manfredi, Levine, Eccles & Miller and Clarke & Clarke. While practicing at these firms he worked on real estate litigation matters for prominent National and California based real estate companies including Simon Properties, Simon Di Bartolo, Tramell Crowe, Tooley & Company, Kilroy, Grubb & Ellis, Douglas Emmett, Macerich, La Mancha Development, Jon Douglas, Coldwell Banker, Prudential Realty, Charles Dunn Companies, RE Max, Fred Sands, RREEF amongst others. While specializing in commercial lease litigation and real estate broker defense at these firms, Mr. Molnar also litigated easements, receiverships, eminent domain valuations, covenants and equitable servitudes, buy/sell disputes, quiet title actions, adverse possession, lot line, loans and construction disputes as well as sundry other real estate matters. In addition, Mr. Molnar also served as assistant general counsel to the Charles Dunn Companies. His experience as general counsel taught him to also approach legal issues from a business, and not just a legal, standpoint–a valuable lesson he continued to practice today.

Mr. Molnar also practiced with Jones & Lester, LLP, a Los Angeles and Ventura based firm founded by the former managing partner of the Los Angeles firm Knapp, Marsh, Jones and Doran, which specializes in complex business and real estate litigation as well as appellate work in State and Federal Courts.

Mr. Molnar attended U.C.L.A. where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations in 1991. Mr. Molnar received his Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles in 1994.

Outside of his law practice, Mr. Molnar is an avid surfer and enjoys travel, collecting wine and is a voracious reader who especially enjoys reading political philosophy, history, military history, politics and literature with a particular interest in Latin American, Spanish and Italian literature. Mr. Molnar lives in Huntington Beach with his wife, Neelam, and their three children, the twin girls, Lallita and Valentina, and his son, Christian.