Look No Further!
I highly recommend Hamilton to anyone looking for an attorney. First and foremost, Hamilton is an excellent attorney that gets results. I got struck by a car while on my road bike and had some pretty serious injuries. Hamilton secured a very fair settlement for me. Hamilton is a former federal prosecutor and has a ton of trial experience, and I think that really helps when negotiating with the other side. Perhaps more important than being a great lawyer, Hamilton exemplifies client service and stayed in frequent contact with me to update me on the case and answer any questions I had. He took the time to explain every aspect of the case, allowing me to make important decisions about my case with his guidance but no pressure. Finally, Hamilton truly cares about his clients. It doesn’t matter if your case is big or small, if he takes you on, he makes you a priority. He often called just to see how I was doing, even if there were no case developments to talk about. Look no further than this former federal prosecutor to handle your case.

— Posted by John R., a personal injury bicyclist client

Hamilton is an excellent lawyer. He was extremely professional and got the results I wanted. He maintained great contact and was great about answering any questions I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

— Posted by Julianna H., a personal injury client

Hamilton is a wonderful representative!  He is a great, competent, communicator keeping me informed and aware of the status of my case at all times. I am very pleased with his knowledge and ability.  I feel very lucky to have found him in my time of need and thankful for his help and representation. Much appreciated!!!

— Posted by Rick W., a personal injury client

I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for Hamilton Arendsen. In February of this year I was in an accident while riding my motorcycle to work. The accident caused several injuries and a nights stay in the trauma unit. Even though the police report said I was at fault he was able to obtain a large settlement for me in a very short period of time. Mr. Arendsen is a former trial lawyer at the United States Attorney’s Office and (now of Arendsen Law LLP) has a personal injury practice and specializes in motorcycle cases. His experience is what made me choose him, his efficiency and dedication to my case is why I STRONGLY recommend him!

— Posted by Clarence D., a personal injury motorcyclist

I cannot recommend Hamilton Arendsen highly enough.  I was injured in a hit and run and he negotiated me a full settlement.  From our very first meeting (he even drove to my house since I was recovering from surgery), he was perfectly professional and personal.  He understands the law inside and out and was able to explain complicated legal jargon to me all along the way.  He kept me informed of my case as it progressed and gave me all my options at every turn.  His experience led him to gain me my full settlement, and his personality helped me to feel cared for as a person, not just a client.  He really looked out for my best interest the entire time and I would trust him fully with any legal issue.  I spoke with three other lawyers when deciding who I wanted to represent me and Hamilton had the most knowledge by far and was also the most personal.  I am so glad I chose him to represent me and you will be glad too.

— Posted by Sara B., a personal injury client

Hamilton Arendsen (now with Arendsen Cane Molnar LLP) was fantastic. He kept me updated throughout the entire process and you could tell that he genuinely cared about the case. I highly recommend him.

— Posted by Alan S., a personal injury client

Hamilton is a great lawyer reliable and easy to talk to. Despite my situation he managed to obtain great results. He was very supportive throughout the process of my case. I would recommend him one hundred percent. I am very thankful for everything he did for me.

— Posted by E.N., a criminal defense client

One Bad Azz Attorney
So there I was facing the fed court system in San Diego on a serious unregistered weapons charge. Hamilton truly is an attorney who can make “the opposing side” see the facts of your case and come to a more than reasonable offer. I am more than grateful!! He is a Honest, well spoken, experienced man who got me way better results than I was expecting. I highly recommend him.

— Posted by Michael M., a federal criminal defense client

Hamilton Arendsen recently handled a multistate business litigation matter for our company. I consider Hamilton to be an outstanding attorney, not just because he has an excellent grasp of the law, but equally as important, he took the time to ensure that we fully understood the various procedural and substantive issues arose during the course of the litigation. Hamilton was always attentive to our concerns and quick to respond to our questions. He did great job explaining the nuances of the legal issues and I never felt rushed in my conversations with him. In contrast to many attorneys who seem more interested in protecting themselves by not offering their opinions, Hamilton gave it to us straight. He set forth the pros and cons of the various decisions and then offered us his professional recommendation on we proceed instead of just leaving us to weigh the various factors by ourselves. This is a refreshing difference which sets him apart from scores of other attorneys we have dealt with over the years.
I consider that Hamilton was not just our attorney but rather our partner in dealing with this legal matter and look forward to the next opportunity to work with him.

— Posted by Alex K., a business litigation client